Championship Manager 93 / 94


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Be prepared to play the most ground-breaking game EVER written. This game trully changed the lifes of millions of football and computer game fans alike. For this is the original game which set off the Championship Manager bandwagon.

I expect most of you know what this game is already, but incase you are one the very tiny minority this game is the first of a series of football (soccer) management games which appealed to fans due to the depth and high detail of the stats about the teams and footballers.

Although this game looks pitiful compared to the latest carnation which has just been released in the highstores all the basics are there. And although the players only have a handful of stats compared to later versions, this game is still much more detailed than any other management game of the same era.

Basically, if you’ve never played Championship Manager then I highly recommend you trying it out immediately. If however you have later versions I suggest that you might as well give this a go just to see how far the game has developed over the past ten years. Oh, and it sets the game up within a couple of minutes as opposed to having to wait up to an hour on the old machines when it originally came out!

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